Thank you for the wonderful reception, the kindness of your entire team. It’s all very exciting. I’m looking forward to watching the videos. Thank you so much for your architecture!

Sir Anthony SeldonBuckingham University

Fantastic! What an utterly brilliant and inspiring conference! It was a real privilege to be counted amongst so many great people. It’s both moving and inspiring that so many of those school leaders present are so evidently passionately committed to the wellbeing of their students. A year of careful preparation paid off triumphantly; well done!

Dr O’Neillfounder of Myriad projectUniversity of Oxford

Fantastic conference today. Many congratulations. I thought the conference today was a stunning success, thanks to a year of your work. The balance of speakers was very good, and I thought your introduction to flourishing using Aristotle was great. Dr Pinsent, University of Oxford.

Dr PinsentUniversity of Oxford

What a wonderful conference. So many new ideas and so much helpful insight. And already I’ve been able to discuss some of the priorities about welfare here at Eton, not just for students but also for staff

Mike GrenierEton College

I very much enjoyed the conference and welcomed the focus on the spiritual, on the purpose of education as opposed to the narrow utility, and on the need to distinguish between success defined by ‘results’ and success defined by something broader.

John Moule Radley College

It was an excellent meeting and you’ve done a great job starting an important conversation. The speakers were excellent.

Jenny Brown, St. Albans High School Girls

Congratulations on a tour de force – it really was an outstanding day with a very select group of friends and acquaintances. Those who missed it missed a real treat – so thank you once again.

Dr. Trevor Less. Merchant Taylors Prep