The late Professor Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton is a philosopher and public commentator. He is widely published with popular works such ‘I Drink Therefore I am’; ‘A Philosopher’s Guide to Wine’ and ‘The Uses of Pessimism’. As a political and cultural commentator he is often interviewed on TV and is famously outspoken with views which never fail to challenge public perceptions. He is a fellow of both the Royal Society of Literature and of the British Academy and is currently a visiting professor at the University of St Andrews and Oxford University. Professor Scruton has an enduring interest in gifted education and runs an exclusive ‘conversation’ group for students who really want to think, and not just to pass exams, at Oxford University. He is patron of the UK Philosothon movement where students meet to have conversations about big ideas. This is a unique opportunity for gifted co-ordinators to hear Professor Scruton share his thoughts and ideas about how best to cultivate gifted students in a school environment.